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It hasn’t been a particlarly snowy winter and here in Naperville the cold tempertures have settled arond us.  As we shiver outside in below freezing temps it’s hard to think of it ever ending.  Some of us break hibernating in our homes to escape go to a  tropical paradise.  How can we prepare for spring in the dead of winter?  I have always found that this is the time of year to assess your garden and make plans for new designs,  planting schedules, or regular up keep.  I also like to take this time to figure out what if any vegatables I may try to grow.  If you are blessed to have a spacious sunny yard you may try rotating what you plant year to year to give the ground a chance to regain minerals.  If you live in a small space you could try contianer gardening.  Some vegetables are made with the idea of container gardening such as patio tomatoes.  What are you waiting to do this spring?


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