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As a native Naperville resident I have seen this farm community become more urban. Farm land has turned into commercial buildings.  Our heritage still shines through.  Naperville rents out community garden plots every summer.  SweetPea Garden Design is now going to be offering organic vegetable garden designs to clients summer 2012.  Look for future blogs or posts on face book regarding this new and exciting service!


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Hello and welcome to my blog!  I am the owner/operator of SweetPea Garden design based out of Naperville, IL.  I first got into gardening because of the pure joy being in nature gave me.  I have been gardening since I was small and as an adult it still captivates me.  Even the weeds are interesting.  As a kid I would ask , what do they do? What is their purpose? You’d be interested to know that some “weeds” are actually native Illinois flowers!  So now, I like to bring the joy of a beautiful garden to others. That they may have the same peace and tranquility in their own back yards.

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